About Us

Hola! Welcome to Marc & Yves Skincare, and welcome to a new skin regimen. Not just any skin regimen, an all-natural, Australian-made line. Our skincare range consists of natural, skin-loving minerals transforming and revitalizing your skin. With a variety of products ranging from cleansers, moisturizers, serums, exfoliators, mists, and steams, we have a solution available for any and all skin types.

Implementing a skincare regimen help boosts your skin's defenses while maintaining healthy and refreshed skin. Our all-natural products are not only better for the environment, but better for you! The ingredients used within our products contain nourishing ingredients that your skin will love. Detoxify your skin and reap the benefits of natural skincare.

About Our Founder, Leticia Estrada Rahme
Marc & Yves Skincare's founder is a Mexican-American journalist, Leticia Estrada Rahme. Born in Los Angeles, California, Leticia became a very successful model and was the face of several international skincare campaigns. Her passion for skincare started when she was diagnosed with a rare skin condition called Milia at the age of 8. Leticia became desperate in finding a cure for the noticeable tiny bumps on her cheeks. She used every product on the market that claimed to give her clear skin, but nothing worked. Unfortunately, the harsh ingredients included in the products aggravated her skin.

During her travels to over 30 countries, Leticia realized something. Every time she visited a small village in India, Mexico, or Ecuador, she noticed that the locals with great skin had one thing in common. They used all-natural products. Everything they put on their skin was devoid of harsh chemicals. She knew that one day she would create her own range of natural skincare products.

In 2017 Leticia left her job as a news presenter with NBC. She moved to Sydney, Australia, to start a family and her own skincare line. She named the line after her stepchildren Marc and Yves Rahme. Leticia carefully researched the best way to create these products in Australia. Her handmade products are carefully crafted by experts in a small "kitchen" as she likes to call it, on the central coast in NSW Australia. She has tested and uses all the products that were created for her line. Including her pregnancy line.